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Our passion for the art of printing led us to found Grafiche MDM in 1925. Since then, we have been expanding our horizons, evolving from a small handcraft print shop into an ISO 9001:14001 and FSC-certified graphic design, paper-transformation and digital printing company.

Since we can work in the Italian and European market at the highest level, we rely on 3 fundamental principles to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Service – Our versatile and experienced team consists of more than 50 engineers who can assist you at every stage of your project, from design, artwork and prototyping to development. We assign each project a dedicated general contractor, who can provide full support to ensure accurate control and ongoing assistance.

Problem SolvingOur engineers have acquired such a high level of expertise that they can accurately and promptly solve any problem that may arise in production.

Flexibility and Promptness – We at Grafiche MDM are a modern company with unparalleled production capacity. We can also work 24 hours a day to produce millions of identical items that are flawless both in colour and finish. Our state-of-the-art equipment is a combination of high-volume production and excellent product machinability. That’s our strength.
We arrange our own transport to ensure deliveries on time and in perfect conditions.

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