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Papermaking, the elegance tailored on your needs

Papermaking, what makes more elegant, more attractive…
is the dress, worn with special elegance.
Because elegance is part of our job!

Whether it’s a case, a box, a slipcase, a display cabinet, a shopper or any other automated or handmade product, we always treat the papermaking with our distinctive care and passion.

Packaging and papermaking need a dedicated unit, specific skills and peculiar technologies.

This is why we have a dedicated department, with technicians who are able to handle even the most complicated order, depending on the required output and the deadlines.

The main issues that, on the basis of the Customer’s instructions, we analyze in order to achieve the best result are:

Papermaking design and technical advice;

Prototyping, feasibility study;

Evaluation of materials and specific resistance;

Production of socket punch, stamps, etc.

The opportunity to create a dedicated storage enables our Customers to optimize the papermaking depending on their plans, also thanks to:

Windowing, even with eco-friendly plastics;

Digital customization with alphanumeric codes, univocal barcodes, etc.

Integration of security tags, stamps, histograms, etc.

Processes and materials suitable to achieve certification for foods, refrigeration, humidity, etc.

Papermaking and packaging products storage, with constant inventory through complete ASP web-interface outflow management by the Customer, allowing also functional support for re-orders, production optimization, etc.

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