Digital Printing


Digital Printing

This printing technique stands for high definition and speed: it quickly takes your ideas and projects from computer to packaging, saving time and money.

After approving a sample, we can transfer it directly from a machine to the printing substrate of your choice. This results in a smart and dynamic sheet-by-sheet printing where you can change your samples even while production is running.

Thanks to our 30-year-long experience and our investment in the latest equipment, we at Grafiche MDM have become a leader in the printing black and white and colour user manuals with certified and fully customized colour samples for small and large runs.

We have an impressive department of 18 professional engineers, who do not only produce millions of automatically managed manuals, but also small print runs.
At Grafiche MDM, we can support the mass-production of manuals and maintenance kits: complete packages of user manuals, spare parts and any other necessary components.

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