Corporate Policy
Quality, Environment and FSC


At GRAFICHE MDM S.r.l. SB, we work in the graphic arts industry and we produce printed matter in compliance with the current local, regional and national environmental rules and regulations.

We maintain a close relationship with our trade associations and regulatory agencies to strictly monitor and update our policy standards.

Environmental protection, quality assurance and customer care are the most important goals in all of our business activities.

We believe in quality standards, environmental protection and FSC-certification. Additionally, we adhere to the following slogan:

Pollution-free Printing

At GRAFICHE MDM S.r.l. SB, we use the most advanced technologies in order to continuously improve our environmental and quality performance in compliance with applicable laws and we set out our guidelines in our corporate policy. On this basis, we are committed to:

  1.  Using our own and third-party advertising material to promote the use of FSC-certified paper and packaging, respecting FSC policies and avoiding any direct or indirect involvement in:
    1. llegal deforestation and the trade in illegally harvested timber or forestry by-products;
    2. Violating human rights and traditional forestry practices;
    3. Elimination of best practices for forest conservation;
    4. Substantial conversion of forests to cropland or other non-forest land uses;
    5. Introduction of genetically modified organisms into forest operations; and Breaking any ILO fundamental conventions set out in ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work 1998.
  1.  Working to meet environmental standards, separating and disposing of waste in accordance with applicable rules and systematically seeking ways to minimize waste and environmental impact;
  2.  Enrolling, involving and motivating our teams and raising awareness among our employees through training and refresher courses;
  3.  Using training and working methods to avoid any form of pollution and non-conformity in processes and service delivery, attempting to coordinate environmental issues and quality standards in relation to the different business areas;
  4.  Formulating a contingency plan for any type of impact on the environment;
  5.  Raising awareness of Environment & Quality and FSC paper issues among our customers and suppliers;
  6.  Regularly analysing and setting new goals and targets to improve our company’s standard system for quality, environment and FSC;
  7.  Minimizing raw materials and consumables, optimizing our production by reducing waste and wastage, attempting to improve our processes wherever possible;
  8.  Continuously improving all of our processes and services in order to avoid environmental pollution and to achieve maximum end-customer satisfaction;
  9.  Developing a supplier – customer relationship and vice versa between each department and process function;
  10.  Implementing all the policies defined by FSC and, in particular, forest conservation, human rights and labour rights according to ILO Labour Rights Convention, such as no labour discrimination, freedom of association and compliance with laws / regulations /conventions on child and forced labour; and
  11.  Supplying at least 75% of local and independent customers included in our corporate mission and purchasing basic products (at least 50%) from independent suppliers that can be considered as local in terms of the geographical area where our products are used or where our company operates.

Executive Board

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