Our Team

At Grafiche MDM, our team is particularly united and efficient. It is made up of over 50 people with extensive technical training and scrupulous attention to detail.
Our network of departments has individual, well-defined goals, but it always works together to ensure top-notch quality management, deliveries on time and prompt post-production support. This makes Grafiche MDM your ideal partner in this highly competitive industry.

Our state-of-the-art machinery runs in series and in continuous production. Sometimes, it even works at weekends to complete exceptionally large orders in a short space time. This is the case with our long-standing customer Electrolux.

Organization Chart

Operations Manager

Factory Manager

Chief Operating Manager

Planning and Logistics Manager

Printing and Pre-Printing Manager

Our expert print editors can customize colour curves to meet your specific needs. The unified management of two departments is the key to a precise and constant exchange of information. In particular, they manage the most critical stages of your projects through the integration of the most innovative technologies.

Quality Management Department

Before starting any production, our engineers carry out a prototype analysis in compliance with the requirements for ISO 9001 certification to make sure that they fulfil top quality standards. They also monitor your production to ensure that it meets the most stringent quality standards set out in ISO 9001. This will give you the best results.

Work Order Manager

Each project has a dedicated project manager with the skills to monitor the whole production process, from prototyping to delivery.

In order to provide you with fast and qualified support, our sales network is dynamic, trained and distributed throughout the country and Europe.

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