In today’s world, it is absolutely essential that your communication is engaging and immediately grabs the attention of your audience. But it is even more important that your audience does not forget you over time.

Your products should tell a story. We should not only mind their substance, but also their packaging. Colours, shapes and messages should speak the same language and strike the right emotional chords.

We at MDM Graphics can provide you with high quality and easy-to-assemble packaging, such as caskets, displays, cases, stickers and shoppers to decorate your products in the most eye-catching and stylish way.


High-Volume Production
We at Grafiche MDM have recently acquired a major company specializing in paper-transformation and equipped with the most advanced machinery. Now we can achieve a mass-production of millions of boxes at significant industrial rates.
Our semi-finished products fit perfectly into automatic industrial machinery thanks to our quality standards for pre-creasing and die-cutting and the millimetre accuracy of cutting and bending. Our end customers can then start their mass production. And it can run smoothly and flawlessly.


Special Paper-Transformation
At Grafiche MDM, we combine corrugated and solid cardboard to produce durable and accurately finished packaging, such as boxes, displays, window panels, sales and promotional items, etc.


We can provide you with countless types of shoppers with multiple printing techniques in a wide range of materials, such as paper, plastic, Tnt, cotton and the most modern biodegradable materials, as well.

In the production phase, we benefit from the valuable collaboration of some women prisoners of the provincial prison in Forlì, Italy. We firmly believe that the development of vocational skills and the mindset that comes with work can change the lives of women prisoners and prevent them from falling back into crime when they are released.

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