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Professional pre-printing, Premises for a high quality

During pre-printing phase,

our technicians will assist you

step by step, accurately,

paying attention to every single detail!


The pre-printing is a premise of quality itself, during the process our experts will take care of you with the maximum attention to the finest details.

Through the pre-press department we develop the following services:

Create blueprints, also by Web Approval;

Create proofings FOGRA certified;

Create printing plates using a computer editing;

Color and profiling corrections photosettings;

Pre–press target is to control, to approve and then to print, with a full satisfaction of the customer.

And what is more, aware that every information has to be accessible, we invite you to contact our experts whenever in need, calling 0543.72.06.66 (plus area code) typing number code5 or sending an e-mail to: prod@grafichemdm.it

Pre-press department is provided with fibra optic, to guarantee a fast and safe transmission of data.

Described below some tools to deal with our prepress department:

Guide to “Web Approval” pdf-icon-16x16

Guide “How to create a file in PDF” pdf-icon-16x16

Guide to “Agfa print stream” pdf-icon-16x16

Guida “Come creare un data base indirizzi” pdf-icon-16x16

Guide tp “FSC” pdf-icon-16x16

Grafiche mdm - servizio prestampa forlì

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