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MDM Products

Business Products

Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, organizers, calendars, planners, folders, binders, continuous form multi-page fiscal documents.

Advertising Material

Leaflets, brochures, posters, folders, flyers, roll-ups, pamphlets, banners, canvas, panels, and all the advertising printed material you may look for.

Catalogues and Price Lists

Catalogues in any size, with peculiar finishing, paperback and special processing. Price lists with different types of printing and papermaking.

Books, Art Books, Magazines and Manuals

Books with different sizes, and gluing, binding, stapling.

Customized Kits

One of our distinctive traits is the complete kit of instruction manuals, accessories and warranty certificates we can produce for electronics and appliance manufacturers.

Adhesive and Reel Labels

Various types and sizes of stickers, made with glossy, matte or hardback paper.

Graffettato – A MDM Patented Product

The Graffettato is a product conceived and patented by Grafiche MDM, and it’s the only proprietary product accepted by Poste Italiane. You don’t need envelopes any more: Graffettato cuts costs!

Christmas Products

Wall and desk calendars, rulers, planners, organizers, notebooks, booklets and much more.

Annual Financial Statements and Statistical Reports

Financial Statements for firms, banks and any other business. Economic and statistical reports for companies and public authorities and institutions.