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Digital Printing

Digital printing, passion and high definition.

This way of printing is synonymous of high definition, faster production, and the process where ideas and projects through a pc and a packaging on line session become high quality products.




When colors leave room for details of shapes and images. Our quality in details printing is fidelity and it is all right there in black and white.



A special blend of intense colors, high quality out of the choir!

Digital printing, such a revolution

Digital printing for many is a revolutionary technology but, in Grafiche MDM this way of printing has been used since 1990. Through the years we’ve grown collecting more and more know how.

Digital printing is, in Grafiche MDM, is synonymous with high definition, speed in manufacturing, quality.


We are equipped with different printing plants:

  • Three OCE VP 6250 GREY SCALE printing lines, producing already packaged items with staples, ideal for small publishing and handbooks;
  • CANON 7000 4 colors printing line equipped with a packaging console ( 2 staples) ideal for colored small publishing.
  • CANON 7011 4 colors printing line equipped with packaging console( 2 staples) , ideal for small publishing in many different languages.
  • EPSON 9800 high definition plotter, ideal for high quality small amount of posters, signs or big size products.
  • EPSON 9800 high definition , ideal to realize printing tests matching FOGRA STANDARS.

Using digital printing equipment is now possible to customize production previously printed in off-set.
This means total customizing of images and data.

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