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Case History: Eifis Publisher

Uno Cookbook. 100% vegan way of cooking .

Cliente: Eifis Publisher srl
Commessa: Uno Cookbook
Stampa: Grafiche Mdm
FSC certification Mix credit: Grafiche Mdm

Thanks to the well known Eifis Publisher, we have had the chance to realize a very interesting product also very appealing for its graphical appearance and its photography.

Photographs taken personally by blogger Manuel Marcuccio, author of “Uno Cookbook” are highlighted by the paper chosen , Burgo Selena Green wich is again FSC certified and by DNS Premium cover.

“The Audience” of this opera, fond of 100% vegan way of cooking will appreciate not only the recipes but also the natural touch of paper.

Case_H_Uno_Cookbook_1 Case_H_Uno_Cookbook_2

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