Keeper is a single use handle cover for a shopping trolley (see It is made of recycled FSC-certified cardboard. It can be recycled at waste management facilities and is designed to protect trolley users from contact with soiled surfaces and contamination. It is an innovative solution that we designed to give you many customization options. Keeper belongs to personal protective equipment and its use in the retail environment is a strategic priority for marketing and in-store promotion. Keeper physically puts your advertisement messages in the hands of trolley users’ and it makes them more visible in shops because its dispensers are highly customizable. Keeper can take your brand to a higher level of awareness and get your end-customers psychologically involved. This is crucial in marketing today.


Keat is a placemat that folds up for easy storage. We use food-grade inks to print it on biodegradable food-grade paper in full compliance with the MOCA regulations. It additionally meets the stringent requirements for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and FSC certification. As a result, it is completely eco-friendly. It is also suitable for use in contact with food in accordance with the MOCA regulations, which are often overlooked by manufacturers, although they are particularly important. Keat can be folded up so as to prevent users from touching its inner side and to keep it free from contamination. The cutlery is made from birch wood and the recycled paper napkin is as customizable as the placemat.

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Incarta is a range of products for all businesses that normally use wrapping paper to package and decorate products sold to consumers. At Grafiche MDM, we are the sole manufacturer of this range. As a result, it is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and FSC certified. It can also meet the requirements of the MOCA regulation for contact with food. This range uses recycled paper and vegetable-based inks to be environmentally friendly. To meet all user requirements, this range is available in a variety of sheet sizes.
We can customize it with your graphic design to promote your brand and turn a product that is normally used for packaging into a real tool for communication.

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BoxDelivery is our new range of takeaway boxes. We produce them in our factory and certify them to fulfil the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and FSC certifications. It is specially designed for those bakeries, restaurants and caterers, which need to organize a home delivery service for their customers. Additionally, it complies with the MOCA directive relating to materials in contact with food. Although this certification is particularly important, it is often overlooked by many manufacturers. At Grafiche MDM, we decided to give each product a name evocative of the sea to create a strong link with our regions. Every box that we produce is made from durable and recyclable cardboard that is ideal for any food. They are easy to assemble, hygienic, durable and, above all, they are customizable.

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Our range of paper shopping bags is fully customizable. We can produce them automatically or by hand, depending on your requirements.
All the bags are made in Italy and they comply with our code of ethics. In particular, part of the production is carried out in a new section of the Provincial Prison in Forlì, Italy.
The different types of materials, papers, formats and finishes can be combined with our constant search for new materials to develop and implement new ideas and highly creative projects. Today, shopping bags are an essential marketing tool that can give your brand a high level of visibility. For this reason, we offer a wide-ranging service that is completely made in Italy to meet all your needs and be committed to environmental protection thanks to our ISO 14001 certification.

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In 2003, we at Grafiche MDM patented Postaprint. It is a brochure consisting of 2, 3, 4 pages in different formats. It has a special patented fastening system: a paper flap interlocking system. In this way, you can turn into an envelope without using glue or other materials and ensure maximum environmental friendliness. “Poste Italiane” (Italian mail service) approved this product for sending “creative mail” or similar items. It is not only an innovative product, but it is also a self-packaging item that does not require leaflets to be inserted into envelopes and address labels to be applied. Compared to traditional mail, these are cost-saving advantages. In addition, you can customize “Posta Print” in any way you like for every single copy. This gives you the opportunity to establish a “one-to-one” communication, taking advantage of variable data management at the digital printing stage.

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